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Park Rules

Suncrest Park is located at 13534 W. Shore Road, Nine Mile Falls, WA. It is composed of 24 acres of prime waterfront, 42 acres of greenbelts and 29 acres of bridle trails. Membership is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to annual dues and observation of all park rules, regulations and by-laws.


Membership is on an annual basis. Dues are not pro-rated. Homeowners of qualified developments designated in the Suncrest Park Association By-Laws are eligible to be park members. See the Suncrest Park By-Laws for details. Each membership is given up to two decals and two keys. Decals are for the vehicle registered in the membership application only. One extra decal may be purchased.


Current members elect, at the General Membership Meeting, the Board of Directors. The Suncrest Board of Directors has full authority to conduct business of the park including enforcing the rules and by-laws. Violators are subject, but not limited to, fines, membership revocation or suspension. The park caretaker has full authority to enforce park rules inside park boundaries.


ALL VEHICLES ENTERING THE PARK MUST BE REGISTERED TO THE MEMBER. (All members must have their current decal affixed on upper corner of the windshield on driver’s side.) Please lock the gate after entering or exiting the park.
   A. No pets are allowed inside the park, except when loading or unloading at the boat ramp.
   B. Law prohibits minors from being served or drinking alcoholic beverages.
   C. No one under the age of 18 is allowed inside the park after 10 PM without parental supervision unless posted as daily use.
   D. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the park without adult supervision.
   E. Weapons used for hunting purposes only, must be secured and unloaded inside your vehicle or boat while on park premises. All other weapons are not allowed on park property.
   F. No fireworks.
   G. Members are responsible for their guests. Members and guests are to behave in an acceptable manner. Abuse, negligent behavior or
        offensive language will not be tolerated.
   H. No overnight camping.
   I.  Absolutely NO HUNTING on park property.
   J.  J. No tobacco or E-cigarette use in beach area, playground area, or within 25 feet of bathroom area.


   A. Park in designated areas only. Please do not park on the grass. 5 MPH speed limit.
   B. Water recreational trailers only in the lot next to the entrance.
   C. Only vehicles properly licensed are allowed in the park.

Boat Launch And Docks:

   A. Members, dependants and guests utilize the docks, ramps and launch at their own risk. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS.
   B. No swimming, diving or water skiing from the docks or launch area.
   C. Boat slips are fee reserved only.
   D. Boats are docked at owner's risk.
   E. No loading/unloading or boat parking at fishing dock.

Swim Area And Beach:

   A. All members, dependants and guests swim at their own risk. No lifeguard on duty.
   B. All swimming is confined to the roped-off swim area. Only enter or exit the swim area from the sandy beach.
   C. No boats or jet skis in the swim area, beach, or within 150 feet of the swim area.
   D. The swim platform is for all to enjoy. Any vandalism will not be tolerated.

Picnic Area:

   A. Fires must be contained to the barbeque pits only and extinguished properly.
   B. Picnic areas are on a first-come, first-served basis. Gazebos can be reserved with a $50 refundable cleaning fee.
   C. Please pick up your litter and wash the tables if needed.


   A. A member must accompany a guest at all times.
   B. A member is responsible for their guests and the facilities.
   C. A member anticipating more than 10 guests must contact the board of directors 2 weeks prior to the function. No parties or functions on major holidays.    D. Special consideration is given to churches, schools or civic groups.

Misuse of The Park:

   A. Any misuse of the park may result in fines, revocation and/or suspension of park membership refund. A member may be held financially responsible.
   B. Memberships are non-transferable may not be used collectively. Sharing decals or keys is theft of park services.
   C. Falsifying any portion of the park application is cause for revocation.
   D. Misuse is considered failure to observe rules, regulations and by-laws of the park or any act of theft, destruction, or vandalism of park facilities or property by member, dependant, or guest.
   E. Any type of verbal abuse to other members, caretaker, gate tenders, or board members may result in revocation of membership.

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